Since 2006, JURA has been working with Roger Federer as its brand ambassador. Both share common values, such as Swiss origin, hard work, precision, elegance and the pursuit of perfection.

Now, JURA is unveiling a monument to the most successful tennis player of all time at its headquarters in Niederbuchsiten: the world's first ROGER FEDERER WALK OF FAME - an absolute must for all fans of the charismatic sporting legend.

Visit the first official "Federer experience" and follow in the footsteps of this exceptional tennis player. Roger Federer has very kindly loaned original trophies, outfits and other memorabilia to make the WALK OF FAME a truly unique visitor experience. The articles on show include Roger's first ATP trophy and an original Wimbledon cup.

The world’s first life-size 3D figure of Roger Federer can now be marvelled at in the WALK OF FAME. As particular highlight is that visitors can also get a souvenir photo taken with Roger on the prestigious lawn of Wimbledon.

We look forward to welcoming you to JURAworld of Coffee!